Automated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS)

Automated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS)TM component enables you to utilize free-standing cameras (linked to the Faceboard Retail platform) to capture real-time data about consumer perception of the retail environment and their interactions with staff.

How Automated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS)TM is measured?


FaceMedia’s automated facial recognition, customer-satisfaction system provideds a number of critical business benefits:

Enhanced decision making — ability to calculate and determine the satisfaction score of customers in real-time.

“Satisfaction at a glance” — FaceMedia’s implementation of the Automated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS)TM through facial detection and analysis works with 95% of branch visitors with no direct interaction.*

Lower TCO and improved ROI — possibility to reuse technology already installed in retail locations thereby reducing the total cost-of-ownership and increasing overall return-on-investment.

* Results of the satisfaction scoring were verified by independent market research agency, TNS Global.

Key features

  • ACSS - facesHardware independent – Use with our without Faceboard digital signage
  • Comprehensive Analysis – Capture all facial characteristics (gender, age, emotion, attention time, …)
  • Real-time – Calculate Automated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS)TM in real-time based on data received from cameras
  • Historical Comparison – Compare calculations over time as retail environment and sta change to determine impact of change