AdPlayer & Faceboard

The Faceboard digital display and the AdPlayer software combine as a powerful solution for real-time, highly targeted, out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Using facial recognition and detection, your ads are delivered to the right people, at the right time, and in the right location.

Single screen? Double screen? Self-standing or hanging on the wall? Each Faceboard implementation is designed to your specifications whether that’s a new installation or fitting into an existing environment.

Display and target your ads in real-time. Targeted ad delivery and triggering is included in all AdPlayer packages. Supports static images and full HD video.

The combination of our Faceboard digital display with our powerful AdPlayer software enables you to deliver gender-, age-, and location-based content. You can effectively reach tens of thousands people every day wherever you place your Faceboard displays.

The FaceMedia platform is a powerful solution and includes optional modules that you can enable including emotion detection, 3D manipulation, sound effects, augmented reality, weather-based display, aroma dispensing, and more! Whatever your needs, we can tailor the FaceMedia platform to meet your exact requirements.


Take Complete Control of your Display Advertising

Deliver ads in real-time. Target based on gender, location, and age. Show video. Display an image or content to read. Whatever your need, the FaceMedia platform gives you total control over your display advertising to provide unbeatable visibility directly on the spot.

You are in control of everything! Start, stop or pause your campaigns remotely. Update targeting and displaying options in seconds. Fine-tune your campaign and settings through the AdManager.

Reach Your Real-World Audience in Real-Time

Employing advanced face-recognition technologies, the FaceMedia platform can identify people walking by and display the relevant content on-the-fly.

With Faceboard and the AdPlayer, you can interact with your audience — using eye catching – ads that display just at the right-time—in real-time.

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