The AdManager component of the FaceMedia platform is a powerful web-based tool that enables you the flexibility to manage your ad campaigns in real-time. Through a friendly user-interface, you can create new campaigns, manage existing, A/B testing, setup triggers, and more!

Use our built-in tools to create eye-catching ads to reach the right audience based on your specification and increase your visibility directly on the spot.

Manage your campaigns, assign roles and responsibilities to team members, and even control your Faceboard displays. Complete control of your campaigns is just a click away.

Get real-time metrics for campaign optimization and see unique views, audience measurements, budget distribution, and more.

Measure the audience passing by your Faceboards, compare data between campaigns, and get valuable context and insight into the performance of your campaigns.

Measure and Adapt

Tailor and fine-tune your campaigns in real time with the unique statistics provided through the AdManager tool. Gain better insight into campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) with in-depth statistics.

Understand your audience at different locations and times. It’s all available through the AdManager web-based tool.

Reach the right people

Reaching audiences with targeted ad messages and content is no longer jus the domain of online campaigns!

With the AdManager tool and the Facemedia platform, you can now recognize your audience in the real-world, setup customized campaigns based on age, gender, location, specific time, and more.