Heat maps & flows


Use the advantage of precise FaceMedia camera-based technology. FaceMedia Heat Maps includes comprehensive set of the tools for your in-depth store analyzes.

Cold and hot spot analyzes

Identify most attractive zones of your stores, visitor rates, attention time and perception of the spots together with unique ACSSTM technology.

Leading accuracy

Collect data from more than 95% of the visitors with uncompromised position monitoring accuracy (±0,5m).

Live previews and real-time availability

Visualize your customer in-store behavior with live previews and real-time availability.

Advanced age, gender and emotion heat map filtering

Build your ideal heat map with advanced filtering options and analyze zone attractiveness for various age and gender groups together with their emotion levels.

Optimize design of your store and product zones

Powerful combination of satisfaction and position tracking enables to analyze performance of your store and particular zones in detail. Determine attractiveness of the product sections, brands, and different product groups. Measure how store layout affects attractiveness and visibility of displayed products.


Create tailored heat map in a minute

Comprehensive FaceMedia solution with integrated age, gender and emotion recognition enables you to combine and filter. Only with FaceMedia camera-based technology you will find how are zones of your store perceived by customer. Powerful possibilities for heat map filtering enables you to create customized heat maps based on your requirements in a minute.

Visualize attractiveness of the zones for male, female and their age groups as well as various combinations.

Visualize attractiveness of the zones for male, female and their age groups as well as various combinations.

Identify trends

Live heat map visualization enables to identify long and short-term trends in attractiveness of your store zones. FaceMedia live preview tools help store and retail managers to analyze changes of the based on the season, month, week, or even hour of the day!

Heat maps live

Identify change in the emotions and satisfaction over selected time period.

Case Study

Telefonica O2 Client’s request

Comprehensive customer experience monitoring and analyses including customer flow, hot spots and preferred products.

SolutionTelefonica O2 reference

FaceMedia heat maps and spots monitoring helps to enhance effectiveness and identify valuable KPIs.

Together with easy to use online access and analytical data available in real time, store managers are now able measure and enhance their store performance just in days.