Do you know how customers’ satisfaction influences your sales results?


Over 4600 hours of permanent customer in-store experience monitoring helped O2 to better understand:

  • the correlation between customer satisfaction and number of transactions
  • whether the customers were leaving branch more satisfied than entering
  • the correlation between customer satisfaction and an average value of a transaction
  • the distribution of emotion inside the store and most attractive zones inside the store

Feature reach software running on FaceMedia cameras provides answers to other business and operations related questions:

  • which device is preferred by specific target groups of customers (female, male, and age)?
  • and how the location of the displayed products affects their attractiveness and visibility inside the store?

Well, 4600 opening hours long continuous monitoring helped to determine and rate POS locations. Nowadays it’s clear where to place the product in order to boost its sales.

When it comes to operations the accuracy of in-store traffic data is crucial. FaceMedia systems helped O2 to gather top tier accuracy data including:

  • number of visits  (with demographics)
  • a frequency of visits
  • duration of stay
  • heatmaps (with advanced filtering options based on age, gender and emotion)
  • bounce rate and lost business opportunities