FaceMedia Won Superstar Bronze Award and Honored by Digital Retail Award

FaceMedia Smart DisplayAt recent Viscom exhibition in Frankfurt and it’s 23rd Superstar Awards ceremony – “Night of stars” held on 3rd November, FaceMedia (together with its project partner Ritzi GmbH) was awarded bronze Superstar Award. Their Smart Displays delivers unique FaceMedia technology together with well-known Ritzi design and craftsmanship in one package.

Smart Display incorporates all integral face (gender, age and emotions) and body (color and size of the clothes) detection FaceMedia features into easy to use and easy to customize self-standing POS product stand.

Only with technology from FaceMedia, targeted content displaying comes into small factor of Smart Display. All recently launched features as emotion based targeting, heat-maps and advanced data analytics of FaceMedia Retail platform are available with Smart Display.

FaceMedia and CSOBAt Digital Retail Award ceremony held on 2nd November, FacaMedia was honored by Digital Retail Award in category to-store communication. In its 10th year, the Digital Signage Best Practice Award developed to the Digital Retail Award honoring efficiently planned and creatively implemented innovative and successful digital communication and digital signage projects with a focus on retail, brand and trade communication. The Awards are platform for digital retail projects and new home for digital agencies.

“We are delighted that FaceMedia was awarded by jury of Digital Retail Award. We are always trying to help our customers to deliver turnkey solutions for interactive and targeted content experience together with innovative market research methods in one package.” Dominik Petro (CEO, FaceMedia)


Together with partners, PRimeTime and CSOB Bank (KBC Group), their CSOB Saving inspirations campaign with customer’s behaviour analyses demonstrates how the technologies developed by FaceMedia are used as integral communication channel as well as customer satisfaction tracking based on Automated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS) technology.

“Solutions from FaceMedia in contrary with “classic” method of market research are focusing on not-intentional behaviour and emotion analyses, which are the most trendy solutions used and deployed by CSOB Bank (KBC Group). Thanks to this unique technology we were able not just display relevant content, but to gain significant insight about our customer demographics and their satisfaction.” Juraj Stefanovic, PR Specialists, CSOB Bank (KBC Group)

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