Retail solutions


The retail environment is a fickle place. How do you know what will attract consumer attention when they walk in the door? Do they like what they see when the step over the threshold or does the arrangement of products, and their interaction with your staff, leave them strangely dissatisfied?

Unfortunately, the only way to really find that out today has been through surveys which are time-consuming and only partially accurate. But what if you could understand what consumers were thinking and feeling with your retail experience through facial and emotional recognition?

FaceMedia has done just that with their FaceBoard Retail real-time digital signage platform and Automated Customer Satisfaction Score. This powerful combination of face and body-detection technology and web-based software provides an end-to-end solution for customer analytics to ensure the best possible retail environment.


Tailor marketing messages to specific customers based on body or facial recognition. Connect relevant customers with suitable products on the spot.

Get deep understanding of consumer perception about your retail environment and staff.

Real-time service and stock optimization based on performance data directly from your branches.

Attract new customers and spread information about the portfolio of services and products.


Digital signage and real-time retail analytics hardware with flexible deployment options (including out-of-the-box integrated facial recognition).
Content PlayerContent Player
Ideal companion for Faceboard, displaying targeted and personalized content to your shoppers, also comes with in-depth statistical gathering for customers entering, leaving, or just browsing around your retail environment.
Content ManagerContent Manager
Web-based tool that enables you to manage campaigns across all of your Faceboards, analyze content effectiveness, and optimize the retail experience for shoppers.
ACSSAutomated Customer Satisfaction Score (ACSS)
Enables you to utilize free-standing cameras (linked to the Faceboard Retail platform) to capture real-time data about consumer perception of the retail environment and their interactions with staff.