The US Steel selected FaceThermo Cams to support hospitals in Slovakia

The US Steel Kosice Foundation highly cares about the people in the region of Kosice (Slovakia). We are proud of our newest FaceThermoCam™ which has been selected as the best suitable thermal camera and deployed within several hospitals in Slovakia supported by the organisation.

Please stay safe and follow the safety regulations!

We donated our full GPU computing power to fight against COVID-19.

We decided to support folding@home initiative, and to donate our full GPU computing power (we use for AI trainings) to fight against COVID-19.
All of our Nvidia GPUs will be dedicated for this purpose by the end of April, at least.

Please stay safe and follow the instructions of your local health authorities!

You are welcomed at our booth at EUROSHOP in Düssledorf!

Here we go! Our 2nd day at EUROSHOP 2020 shows we are coming with the set of the most important features for visitor behaviour analyses….

Comprehensive system enables to filter all gathered data (based on age, gender, emotion and customer satisfaction). This is the highest valued and detailed information for retailers available at the market in 2020! 🙌

Last but not least, GDPR certification makes your customer anonymity secured!

Another 3 days here, see you at our booth HALL 3 – AREA 3I81! Everybody is welcomed! 🙂 🖖

Hello from OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem!

The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2020 in Jerusalem was the first event in Israel, FaceMedia has participated so far.

We’ve met and shared experience with many of companies with global reach in different areas and get inspired by speakers from Israel, Silicon Valley, and all over the world. Synergies of all innovators, entrepreneurs, people who dream and act BIG, together with the unique vibration of the Jerusalem city makes the Our crowd summit the place to be!

Now heading back to Europe for EuroShop in Dusseldorf where you can meet our team and learn about the newest visitor analytics trends at our booth next week! ✌️🙂

Meet us at Euroshop 2020 in Dusseldorf!

We have so much news over the last year! Therefore we’re excited to meet you and share latest visitor-analytics features, lot of important customer experience findings and case studies at the world’s No.1 retail trade fair EUROSHOP in Düsseldorf.

See you at our booth Hall 3 – area 3l81 16-20 FEB 2020 / Messe Düsseldorf

Do you invest in a pop-up shop?

Are you considering building a pop-up store, but you’re not sure how to monitor and measure the effectiveness of such activity?

The main purpose of building the temporary shop is to create a long-term, lasting impression with your potential clients in a physical environment. Tuning up the shopper experience to the max can significantly help you to achieve your goals.

FaceMedia in-store analytics system helps Vattenfall to track customer satisfaction based on facial expressions and emotion analysis. The BEAUTY of this tool is the combination of top-tier people counting system (which comes with demographics by default) and customer satisfaction analysis in one comprehensive tool without the need for any interaction.

Check out our latest cooperation with hashtag#showrooming and client Vattenfall at Bikini the concept shopping mall in Berlin.

Are you a fashion retailer? Then you might be interested…

Did you know, a satisfied customer spends on average over 20% higher budget while shopping in a fashion store?…

Our first installation in co-operation with our new partners at the store FISH NAMED FRED in HAARLEM (NL), which is a great example of remarkable customer in-store experience. Product presentation displayed on the human-body models with fish-heads represents one of the in-store elements which bring you to the unique, brand-specific world. The world, where imagination, product quality, and service leave you impressed!

As the BUYING DECISION in the Fashion industry is EXTREMELY SPONTANEOUS the importance of understanding of human emotions is crucial. FaceMedia retail analytics platform helps Fish Named Fred to understand visitors’ emotion tracked anonymously and instantly when occurs. ACSS, our special algorithm processes gathered data and evaluate visitors’ satisfaction without the need for any interaction or additional survey.

On top of that, retail analytics platform helps the store to answer the following questions: – How effective is the shopping window? (A / B testing) – How many passersby entered the store? (Conversion rate) – Did marketing campaigns and activations really increase store visits and influence the age and gender of visitors?

Are you 👀curious which moments make your event AWESOME?

Nowadays, you can track, identify, and learn from the kind of those valuable moments 💥💡, and experience which last in the mind of the audience for more than a while… Artificial Intelligence powered system gathering and processing anonymous visitors’ data tracked from visitors’ facial expression can provide you with deep insights and an objective answer. One of the series of amazing events “Talks Inspired by hashtag#HBReavis” realized in Budapest this week!

FaceMedia presentation at Total HQ Inno Days in Paris

We are delighted with the opportunity to showcase our retail in-store analytics solution during The Total Inno Days at their HQ in Paris. It’s an honor to impress and receive a lot of very positive feedback from the 3rd biggest company in Europe, proud! 🙂 Big thanks go to our partner NVIDIA, who made it happen!