ACSS™ (Automated Customer Satisfaction Score)

The FaceMedia ACSS score is an industry first. This
innovative technology provides you with immediate,
real-time feedback based on analysis of emotional
expressions enabling you to act immediately when
customers are unhappy.

Employee rewarding & motivation

You may already have processes in place to reward
employees based on customer satisfaction data
acquired from manual processes (i.e., customer surveys).
With FaceMedia ACSS, you can throw those surveys away
and instead use real-time customer satisfaction data
derived from emotiona analysis to reward and motivate
your employees.

No New Capital
Investments Required!

ACSS™ can make use of your existing camera infrastructure.
There is no need to buy new camera systems.

Data privacy and processing

FaceMedia's in-store tracking and analysis
platform is fully GDPR compliant. Customer
data is processed anonymously on local,
in-store servers. No images, videos, or other
visual information about store visitors is stored.
And all of the data is kept safe and secure
through military-grade encryption.


Capitalise and benefit from
expertise gained across different
segments and vertical markets.

The FaceMedia team has years of
experience helping retail stores
maximize traffic flow, sales, and
product placement based on realtime analysis of customer
and visitor facial data. Based on best
practices derived from countless
engagements, we can help you
implement the FaceMedia in-store
tracking and analysis platform to
best meet your store's unique

  • Bank center
  • Telecom operator
  • Fashion mall
  • Airport
  • Library
  • Expo
  • Hypermarket
  • Showroom
  • Mall

Deliver excellent service.
Strengthen customer loyalty and retention.

Long-term customer loyalty is the backbone of retail success.
You need recurring customers to drive your business. But
ensuring loyalty and repeat visits is difficult without a deep
understanding of customer behavior and emotion.

The FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform
captures real-time emotional data in a non-intrusive
manner, providing a host of benefits to your retail stores:

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and tune-up your daily operations.

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