Derive Valuable Data From Targeted Communications


The FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform can display personalized and targeted marketing messages while also collecting valuable data about visitors. By leveraging the data acquired through digital signage with other facial tracking data (such as the emotional state of a visitor as they walk through the store), you can generate powerful insights about overall store traffic and behavior as it relates to marketing messages. When digital signage is outside the store, you can also measure content impact, count people passing by the screen (as they enter the store), and correlate with demographics, frequency, and more.

Get Campaign Feedback
Based on Audience
Facial Expressions

Using the FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform,
you can test the quality of your in-store marketing campaigns
by understanding how the content is perceived based on
emotional response. This enables you to A/B test different
versions targeted at specific demographic segments.

Data privacy and processing

FaceMedia's in-store tracking and analysis
platform is fully GDPR compliant. Customer
data is processed anonymously on local,
in-store servers. No images, videos, or other
visual information about store visitors is stored.
And all of the data is kept safe and secure
through military-grade encryption.

Third-party Content Management System Integration

The FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform includes powerful APIs that enable you to directly integrate our
face-detection technology with your existing content management solution, enabling you to manage marketing
campaign content development from a single location.

Leverage Smart Displays In-Store for Dynamic Communication

Smart display technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. FaceMedia's in-store tracking and analysis platform leverages many of the latest smart display features to provide you a number of powerful benefits:

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