Understand Your In-Store Traffic Flow

Don't leave your traffic flows to chance. Through our
interactive heat maps, you can set up an ideal shopping
path and gather data about visitor progress through it.
Learn about store zones that disrupt that path as well as
A/B test store layout and product placement.

Data privacy and processing

FaceMedia's in-store tracking and analysis
platform is fully GDPR compliant. Customer
data is processed anonymously on local,
in-store servers. No images, videos, or other
visual information about store visitors is stored.
And all of the data is kept safe and secure
through military-grade encryption.

GDPR certification

Not Your Average Heat Map

Through the FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform online portal, you can build powerful heat maps that incorporate advanced data points like age, gender, ethnicity, and even emotion enabling you to discover insights in different store zones such as:

  • 1.

    the most- or least-visited store areas and visitor engagement in those zones

  • 2.

    how age and gender groups are impacted in those zones

  • 3.

    the general emotional state of visitors in specific zones.

Optimise Store Layout, Boost Sales,
and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Understanding how your store should be organized, as well as what products to display in each zone, is critical to creating a world-class in-store experience and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Even small layout adjustments can significantly enhance sales. The FaceMedia tracking and analysis platform can capture a variety of data about visitors that enable you to:


Even small layout
adjustments can
significantly enhance

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