Content Player & Faceboard


FaceboardThe Faceboard is the only digital signage hardware for your retail environment that you will ever need. With flexible deployment options (including out-of-the-box integrated facial recognition) and powerful software to display any kind of content, Faceboard will empower you with the technology you need to create a more personalized and targeted shopping experience.

1 | Faceboard Classic

digital totem in single or double screen version.

2 | Faceboard Custom

reuse the screens that you already have; just attach our camera or opt for one of the screens from our offering.

3 | Faceboard Cam

easy to install, standalone camera with interchangeable optics for best performance.

Content Player

Content PlayerThe Content Player software is the ideal companion for Faceboard for displaying targeted and personalized content to your shoppers. In addition to capabilities for a variety of content format playback, the Content Player also comes with in-depth statistical gathering for customers entering, leaving, or just browsing around your retail environment.

Key features

Content Player - Ads

  • Customized real-time content display
  • Fully integrated face detection, real-time content targeting, and statistics gathering
  • Face tracking and “just-in-time” content delivery
  • Gender recognition
  • Age estimation
  • Emotion detection (A/B testing and feedback gathering)
  • Clothes size and color detection

Modular flexibility

optional add-ons such as 3D manipulation, augmented reality, product suggestions, integrated weather data, and more!