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Through our innovative in-store tracking and analysis platform, we empower retail store owners with the opportunity to leverage powerful technologies, like AI and facial recognition, to innocuously track and monitor customers and store visitors.


People counting
and customer traffic


Gaining insight into your foot traffic is critical to
maximizing the in-store experience for your customers.
But doing so is traditionally an expensive and manual
process. Not with FaceMedia.

Our innovative in-store tracking and analysis platform
can not only automatically count in-store visitors, it can
also generate powerful insights by capturing age, gender,
and ethnicity. We put all this data together in a powerful,
easy-to-use online portal.

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Create a Better Customer Journey

Do you know where your in-store visitors are spending their time? In front of which products? And for how long? With the FaceMedia in-store tracking and anlaysis platform, you can gather data from 95% of your visitors with 0,5 meter accuracy into valuable heat maps that inform your executives and store managers where traffic is congregating.

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Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Gathering data from in-store visitors is critical to
maximizing sales opportunities, driving incremental
revenue, and ensuring a positive retail experience. But doing so usually requires manual processes and can
be wildly inaccurate.

With FaceMedia's visitor tracking and analysis platform, you can monitor and assess 95% of your in-store visitors without any interaction.

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Digital Signage & Out-Of-Home Advertising

Enhance the effectiveness of your digital communications with FaceMedia. Our face detection technology enables you to trigger and display personalized messages based on the age and gender of people standing in front of your screens!

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Understand if your efforts and marketing investment bring an outstanding experience for your visitors

Gain insight into your trade-fairs, exhibitions and company events performance. The detailed information regarding foot traffic, demographics, visitors mood, location, and attention is critical to evaluate how is your expensive company presentation perceived by visitors. FaceMedia analytics platform helps you to improve the visitors' experience at the spot and enhance a positive perception of your brand.

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