Create an outstanding experience at your expo booth!

Do you know which expositions or products attract your visitors the most? Where are they spending their time? And for how long? With the FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform, you can gather data from 95% of your visitors with 0,5 meter accuracy into valuable heat maps that inform your executives and marketing managers where traffic is congregating. With powerful expo booth layout and zoning tools, you can accurately assess traffic flows and maximize the effectiveness of your expo booth layout. And do you know which of expositions is perceived as the most attractive? Rate your expo booth zones and improve your key company business presentation.

Gaining automated feedback from event attendees without direct interaction has becoming a standard.

The FaceMedia ACSS™ score is an industry first. This innovative technology provides you with feedback based on analysis of emotional expressions captured in an anonymous fashion at attendees face. Say about us Michal Andel

Enhance your company’s brand!

FaceMedia analytics system delivers you a detailed overview on the number of your expo booth visitors, demographics, performance, and attractiveness. Compare your performance from different trade-shows, various expo booth layouts, and venue locations.

Cost and time effective lead generation and networking are key drivers of participation. Outstanding company presentation helps you to differentiate from your competitors and delivers the best results for your company.

Data privacy and processing

FaceMedia's in-store tracking and analysis
platform is fully GDPR compliant. Customer
data is processed anonymously on local,
in-store servers. No images, videos, or other
visual information about store visitors is stored.
And all of the data is kept safe and secure
through military-grade encryption.

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and tune-up your daily operations.

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